Industrial waste gas dust filter bag

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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Tianjin, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Pocket Filter, circular size filter bag
Dust Filter
Material Of Bag:
Product name:
Welding high quality steel ring filter bag
Product application:
High temperature cement industry dust collection waterproof
Filtration direction:
Surface filter
115 - 200 mm
2000 - 9000mm
Dust cleaning type:
Pulse jet clean
Working temperature:
130 - 260 degree
Short time working:
280 degree
2 years from the date of load on board
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Standard export packing: in plastic bag for Filter bag coating and packing. corrugated board carton outside
Delivery Time
Within 30 days after received deposit

Short introduction:

1. long work life
2. High dust collection efficiency 
3. Many types of material can suit for many industry and dedusting cases

   Teflon Coated Fiberglass Dust Collector Filter Bag

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Product Description




Filter bag is the core of the dust filter. The filter bag has the strict requirements on design, filter material cutting, woven technology etc. These requirements are very important for the normal operation, maintenance and even the service life of the bag filter.



Structure & Spec.

Filter bag are composed by woven filter material bag body, snap ring, clamp, chain hoist, etc. The rest of the filter bag dust collector and its accessories are the venturi tube, frame, mouth of elastic ring, etc.





The diameter of the filter bag is 115-200mm, length is 2000 - 9000mm, the specifications of the commonly used filter bag is 120 - 160 mm diameter,  2000 ~ 6000mm length.


The oval, flat, envelope and support ring types of filter bag, please be sure to enquiry for us engineer. We'd like to provide the most suitable design and filtration material select suggestion for your reference.


For different industries


For Chemical Industry


Our filter bag for the chemical industry are offered as thorough solutions. This means you will receive expert support not only filter bag design, but also how to optimize the flow parameters of your system to get the absolute best productivity. This process-specific product design and applications engineering approach has proven to be the lowest risk way to optimize your system's performance.


For Cement Industry


We know that the cement producer all over the world need high-performance filter media for kiln/mill, alkali, and other pulse jet or reverse baghouse. Our filter Bags provide emissions control, production increases and the lowest overall maintenance and operating costs.


For Power station and Incineration Industry


With PTFE membrane, our filter bags provide near zero emissions for waste processing and power station boiler. Whether you use standard or low grade coals, wood or tires in your boiler, or operate a chemical, hazardous, or medical waste incinerator, all we can deliver consistently high airflow over the life of the filter bags for your application. 


The most commonly Used filter bag material specifications:  (Please click the word for more informations )


Nomal temperature filter bag:



High temperature filter bag:


















Filter bag processing Notice 

We pay 100% attention on our Filter bag processing matters: 

After the selection of the material and specifications of the filter bag, we will process the filter bag as following attention matters:

(1) Precise design of the filter cloth for filter bag parts, the filter cloth will be larger than the actual amount design size, to leave a spare for weaving.

(2) To choose the right filter bag accessories with high quality. The filter bag accessories should be qualified to match the filter bag. 


(3) Drawing, cutting, sewing are all on automatic production line. Certainly, when manual processing is necessary, we will open it on the operation platform to handle it.

(4) We keep the strict processing quality standards, according to design drawings and operation process. Our worker meet the requirements of tooling and clothing shoes and hats, no smoking.


(5) We have the responsible for the processing of products, and examines, waste, residue, defective goods in the beginning.
For our sewing, we will obey the following instructions to ensure our filter bag quality.
Filter bag sewing material should be the same as the material of filter material. In special circumstances, we will use different sewing thread with different filter material, the suture properties such as strength, heat resistance and chemical resistance should be better than the filter material sewing thread.
For our filter bag stitching line: 
Filter bag bag body vertical stitches must be strong, straight, and shall not be less than three line. The  top and bottom of the bag have single or double needle stitching according to different requirements . Filter bag suture needle closely related to the filter bag material, not only to ensure the stitching rigor to ensure it not leak dust, but also shall it not damage the strength of the filter material itself.
The Needle density of chemical fiber filter material filter bag should within 10 cm length (25 + / - 5) needle; Glass fiber can not be too large. The stitching width normally for 9 ~ 12 cm. The stitches and distance on the edge of the filter material: needled felt for 2 ~ 3 mm, glass fiber filter material is 5 ~ 8 mm.

Filter bag should be inspected and repair after sewing according to the design requirements to eliminate surface crease, dirt and grease. For PTFE coated filter bag, in addition to the needle density control and strict operating procedures, it needs to use special materials for all the pin hole repairing.
For our inspection of filter bags:

Filter bag manufacture should be according to the national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards, quality supervision departments according to the number of sampling test project and the proportion. According to the number of sampling ratio is 5% ~ 20%. For higher requirements on the filter bag, As a group of sampling rate should be above 15%.






Our oval type filter bag on installment application: 



Who's right material


Fabric Technical Part


The selection of filter matieral


The selection of filter matieral working conditionmust be used in the full understanding and filter under the condition of technical conditions. Comparing the various performance of the filter material, we can not consider the more expensive the better, also we cannot use a so-called "good" filter material to adapt various occasions.


One - The principle of selecting


Bag filter is generally according to the property of the nature of the dust gas, dust and ash removal of dust catcher of different filter material choice, when the choice should follow the following principles:


(1) Fillter material performance should meet the production conditions and the general situation of the dust collectionprocessingand special requirements

(2) Under the (1) requirment, choose long service life filter materialas far as possible.Not onlyfor saving operational costs, but alsomeet the requirements of gas emissions standards.

(3) To deal with all kinds of filter material comprehensive comparison. We should not use a so-called "good" filter material to adapt to the workingconditions of occasions and dust removal.

(4) In gas, dust and deashing characteristics. We should seizethe maininfluence factors to select filter material.Such asthe high temperature gas and combustible dust, etc.


Two -  According to the nature of dusty gases


1. Gas temperature


Dust gas temperature is important factors of filter material. Usually, we called normal temperature gas which less than 130 degree. The high temperature is higher than 130 degree. So, we dividethe filter material as below 130 degree fabric under normal temperatureand high temperature filter material.


Continuous long-terms working of the heat resistance and short period working ofheat resistance. The Continuous long-terms working of the heat resistance is means "refers to the filter material can be applied, long-term continuous operation temperature”. The short period working of heat resistance refers “to the filter material in a day are not allowed to exceed 10 minite, the exceed time is too long, filter material softening deformation”.


2. Humidity


According to thehumidity, dusty gases is divided into three states:


(1.)When relative humidity under 30% relative humidity, it isdry gas.

(2.)Between 30% - 80%, It is the general condition.

(3.) Above 80%, it is high wet gas.


For high wet gasunder high temperature condition, especially the gas contains a SOx, gas cooling can produce condensation phenomenon. This will not only make the filter bag surface fouling and plugging, but also corrodestructure material. It needs special attention:


(1) Moisture gas to capture the surface of the filter bag dust wetting coherence, especially for water imbibition, deliquescence and wet dust, itwill cause the paste filter bag. Therefore, we should choose polyamide fiber with smooth surface such as glass fiber materialand appropriate use of filter material silicone oil, fluorocarbon resin dip, or the surface of the filter material using acrylic acid, such as teflon coating processing. Plastic plate and the effect of burning material has excellent resistance to moisture and ash removal performance.


(2) When the high temperature and high wet exist at the same time, itwill effect the temperature resistance of filter material, especially for nylon, polyester, and amide hydrolysis stability such as material, should be avoided as much as possible.


(3) In wet gas containing dust filter bag used design of circular filter bag, do not use complicated shape, arrangement is very compact filter bag filter bag, and the diamond (except burning plastic board).


(4) Precipitator dust gas temperature should be higher than gas dew point temperature 30 degree.


3.The chemical properties of the gas


In the flue gas and chemical waste gas of various furnaces. They often containing acid, alkali, oxidant, organic solvents and other chemical composition. It often affected by many factors such as temperature, humidity cross.Therefore, we should be considered when choosing filter material.


Polyester fiber has good mechanical propertiesand acid-proof alkaline at normal temperature.But it is sensitive to moisture, easy to hydrolysis. Water can make it strong declined dramatically. For this, polyester fiber in the dry flue gas, its operating temperature is less than 130 degreefor a long time.But in the high moisture gas, the long-term operating temperature will drop to 60 ~ 80 degree.Nomex fiber has good heat resistance, chemical resistance, but in the high moisture flue gas, the heat resistance of 204 degree down to 150 degree. PPS fiber has the good performance of high moderate resistance to acid and alkali corrosion resistance, suitable for coal-burning flue gas dust removal, but poor antioxidant capacity.Polyimide fiber can make up for the shortage, but hydrolysis stability was not ideal. As poly tetrafluoroethylene fibers has the best chemical resistance, but the price is more expensive.


When choosing the filter material, we must according to the chemical composition of a dusty, seize the main factors, a comprehensive consideration.


Three - According to the nature of the dust


1. Wettability and adhesion of dust


Dust wettability, invasive by dust particles formed between capillary action, and the dust of atomic chain, surface state and related factors such as the surface tension of the liquid, wetting Angle to table available froze and a. say more than 60 ° usually referred to as hydrophilic, large is called a monk water-based. Hygroscopic dust when after the humidity increases, the particle's cohesive force and viscous force increase, liquidity. Less charged sexual, adhesion to the surface of the filter bag, over time, ash removal failure, harden dust cake.


Some dust such as CaO, CaCl2, KC1, MgCl2, Na2C03 after moisture absorption, chemical further note, such as the nature and form are changing, the deliquescence of said. Dust filter bag surface paste live after deliquescence, which is the most taboo of bag filter.


For wettability, deliquescence dust, should be paid attention to when choosing liao liao not smooth, flocking and hydrophobic,. Among them with coating membrane filter material and plastic board for the best.



2. Inflammable and charged dust


Some dust in thespecific conditions, itwill burn or explode. Dust flammability are concerned of grain size, composition, concentration, heat of combustion , combustion rate, etc. The smaller the particle size, the bigger surface area, the more easy burn. Confined space is an important condition of dust explosion.The explosion in this space concentration limit for dozens to hundreds of grams per cubic meter.


Dust combustion or explosion fire is usually by friction sparks, spark, hot particles on, in which charged sexual latent harm is the largest. This is because the chemical fiber filter material is usually easy to charged, if dust charged is easy to produce the spark at the same time, so for the flammability and charged dust, such as coal powder, coke powder, aluminum powder and magnesium oxide powder, etc., should be from choosing flame retardant and conductive filter material.


Generally, we consider theoxygen index greater than 30, it is the safety material fiber. Such asPVC, PPS, P84 PTFE, etc. For the oxygen index of less than 30 fiber, such as polypropylene, polyamide, polyester, and amide filter material. We can use flame retardants dip to apply.


Antistatic filter material is meansblending conductive fiber in the filter material. The filter materialradial or associating with a conductive performance. It makesthe resistance less than the commonly used. Theconductive fiber has stainless steel fiber and carbonfiber. To compare, the stainless steel fiber conductivity can be stable and reliable, the carbon fiber after a certain time the conductive performance decline. Conductive fiber mixing amount of 2-5% of total amount.


3. The flow of powder sit and grinding


Dust flow and frictional can wear filter bag. It canreduce the filter bag service lifedirectly. The rough surface, irregular lozenge grain is 10 times wearing than smooth surfaceone. Grain size 90um of the particle size is the largest wear and tear, When particle size reduced to 5 ~ 10 um, the abrasiveness is very weak. Wear and air velocity of 2 ~ 3times and particle size of 1.5 power. Therefore, consummation and gas velocity uniformity is must be strictly controlled. In the common dust, aluminum powder, silicon powder, coke powder, charcoal powder, powder sintering ores belongs to high wear and tear. For this, we need tochoosewearing good filter material.


Dust removal filter material of wear parts arevarious. According to the experience, the filter bag oftenwear on the bottom, this is because the upper filterspeed is lowand less dust concentration of gas. To prevent filter bag bottom wear, bag room should be restricted in the design of the lower the speed of air currents to rise.


To wearing strong dust, we should be paid attention to:


(1) Chemical fiber in glass fiber, the expanded glass fiber is better than general glass fiber. The thin, short, curly type fiber is better than thick, long and smooth.


(2) Felt materialis alternating between acupuncture methods of fiber winding, optimal satin fabric in the fabric.The fabric pull on the surface of the cloth with soft nap.Also efforts to improve the wear resistance, but the more satin fabric and fleece filter material can increase the resistance value.


(3) For the average filter material, the surface coating, calender post-processing also can improve the wear resistance. For glass fiber filter material, silicone oil, graphite, ptfe resin can improve the wear-resistant folding resistance, but the effect of the operation condition of the filter material used to wear strong membrane will prematurely worn lose coated.



Filter material pic.


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